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High risk? Not me.

Stay safe by being informed. Broadcast from Germany every day in under five minutes.  

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TBC Tuberkulose Impfung Impfstoff Impfstamm BCG (picture-alliance/dpa)

TB vaccine against COVID-19?

DW Covid-19 Special Sendungslogo englisch

Domestic violence in the time of COVID-19

DW Covid-19 Special Sendungslogo englisch

Covid-19 Spezial

Afraid of being attacked

Afraid of being attacked

Pandemic enters new phase

Pandemic enters new phase

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DW Wissenschaftsmagazin Projekt Zukunft Sonne (NASA)

Where did the sun come from?

DW Wissenschaftsmagazin Projekt Zukunft Licht (WDR)

The importance of sunlight

DW Wissenschaftsmagazin Projekt Zukunft Luftgleiter (BR)

Phoenix: a balloon-airplane hybrid

DW Wissenschaftsmagazin Projekt Zukunft Solarlinsen (SRF)

Concentrated sun: lenses for solar cells

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Do not swallow disinfectant

US President Donald Trump suggested injecting disinfectant to treat COVID-19 Patients. But Disinfectant is poisonous.  

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