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Tanzania We need freedom of press (DW/A. Juma)

DW honors journalists persecuted for COVID-19 reporting

A photographer with the word press on a bag

DW Freedom of Speech laureate attacked online

Darvinson Rojas

Venezuela: 'We need more journalists on the streets'

Kolumbien Bogota Präsident Ivan Duque Verteidigungsminister Luis Fernando Navarro (L) (picture-alliance/AP Photo/F. Vergara)

Colombia: DW protests against surveillance of journalists

Uganda Journalist David Musisi Kalyankolo shows where police beat him on the head

African journalists honored with DW Freedom of Speech Award

One Free Press Coalition
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DW Akademie

Media Viability

DW Akademie | Media Viability Indicators,

Media Viability: New indicators show what is at stake

What stops a country's media sector from producing high quality journalism and being sustainable? DW Akademie offers media practitioners, activists, and scholars a new framework to assess media viability.  

DW Freedom of Speech Award
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Freedom of Speech Award

Limbourg on freedom of speech

"We want to give a strong statement towards freedom of the press also during this coronavirus crisis."  

Watch video 04:21


Kenneth Roth (Human Rights Watch) on Freedom of Speech Award 2020  

Watch video 02:13


Harlem Désir (OSCE) on Freedom of Speech Award 2020  

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Banu Güven: 'Freedom of speech is the torch we carry'

#Article19ForAll: Turkish journalist Banu Güven says that Article 19 should remain forever and for all.  

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Christophe Deloire (RSF) on Freedom of Speech Award 2020  

DW Global Media Forum
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Internet pioneer Zuckerman predicts new era of social media

Internet activist and scholar Ethan Zuckerman predicts that social media channels are due to undergo significant changes, allowing established news organizations to fight back against fake news.  

DW Freedom social media
Turkish-language project of international broadcasters