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Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19 (Corona virus), for the time being, our programming schedule will be changed. Thanks for your support and understanding.

Viewers in America:
The program DW Deutsch+ will be replaced by the international program DW Deutsch until further notice. 
Due to this change all air dates will change.
Please download the weekly preview here for further information.

Satellite changes: SES-5, BADR 4 and Astra 5B, June 1, 2020

Up from June 1, DW will air DW English in HD on Astra 5B (Eastern Europe/Central Asia/Russia) and SES-5 (Africa).
DW Arabia in HD on BADR 4 (Near/Middle East and North Africa).

For SES-5 please tune into the new parameters:
Transponder 4.985
Frequency 12,054 GHz
Polarization vertical
Symbolrate 30,000 Msymbols/s

The parameters for radio broadcast via SES-5 will remain unchanged!

Parameters on Astra 5B and BADR 4 will remain unchanged.
However, please make sure your receiver is HD ready, to receive the new signal.

SD signals will be terminated on July 1 on all three satellites!

If you have additional questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

Regional TV reception information

Here you can find information on the reception of DW's programs in your country.

In Asia and America, special technical requirements are necessary for direct satellite reception. Please contact the customer service via [email protected]

Further information